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Specializing in the art of Shito-Ryu Karate-Do, Self Defense, Okinawa Kobudo and Batto-Do

Karate-Do: The translation of the word Karate-Do is “the way of the empty hand”.  It is a form of self defense that uses all parts of the body (hands, feet, elbows, knees, and head). Karate-Do has been passed down from generation to generation, studied and refined by many masters.  The masters, all having the same goal in mind, use the body in the most efficient and effective way for self defense. Though karate may take many years for one to become proficient in, it is the Do (way of life) that is the most difficult part to master. Do is the soul of all the Martial Arts.  It is what brings meaning to Karate.  Self control, discipline, humbleness, responsibility, compassion, and understanding for others are some of the characteristics learned from Karate-Do.  It is not so much the kicking and punching that attract most people to the martial arts as it is the belief that it can help you find your inner self and become a greater person.

Shito-Ryu:  (SHEE TOE- ROO) is the style of Karate-Do that we practice. It was founded by a prominent karate master named Kenwa Mabuni.  Mr. Mabuni studied under two different masters, Master Itosu and Master Higaonna.  Each one studied a different style of karate. Mr. Mabuni combined their styles and took the first two kanji (chinese characters) from each of the masters names which spells Shito. The word Ryu means style. The two styles that form Shito-Ryu is a Shuri-te style from Master Itosu and Naha-te stlye from Master Higaonna. Because Shito-Ryu was created from two different styles, It gives the practitioner much more to study. It is rich in lineage, has the widest variety of Kata (forms) among the Japanese styles, and practices the principles of both styles. Shito Ryu is among the 4 major styles of Karate-Do in Japan and the world today.

Master  Kanryo Higaonna

Master Anko Itosu

Master Kenwa Mabuni

Master Ryusho Sakagami

Master Fumio Demura

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