Genbu-Kai Karate


Specializing in the art of Shito-Ryu Karate-Do, Self Defense, Okinawa Kobudo and Batto-Do

In this class we study in depth the Philosophy, Moral Aspects, Techniques and History of Karate-Do.  At times this class can be very rigorous in training, but it is always put into perspective according to your fitness level and abilities.  If it is your wish or dream to study Karate, I encourage you to come and try.  It is my wish as well as my students to share this art and practice with others like you.  We were all white belts at one time so we understand any uneasy feelings you may have about trying.  We are all here to help, but you must make the first move. The hardest part is just stepping on the mat, we'll take care of the rest from there.

Why Karate?  Physically, you will have increased flexibility, stronger muscles, improved coordination, and stamina.  Mentally, you will have improved focus, concentration, stronger self control and clarity of mind .  Spiritually, a sense of new-found ability to reach your goals, the right attitude to face daily challenges, and lessons to achieve a refreshed outlook on everything in life.  Oh yes, I almost forgot, you'll learn how to defend yourself.

Adult Classes

“No matter how bad the day is, it’s always better after Karate.”

Nino Vitale

Student since

9 -10 -2011